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Aprilviolet Thu 19-Apr-18 14:47:20

My DD has just started nursery, today was her 3rd day! She goes for 3hours a day, mon-fri,
day 1 :
went well, she cried for 5mins when I left then played happy throughout the day! Minus she's very very shy around new kids. She also won't eat around people!

Day 2 :
Went okay, took longer to settle in, around 20mins then was happy to play!
Had a issue playing with other children & eating again'

Day 3: (today)
I got a phone call of the nursery today saying My DD was very unsettled and kept crying saying she wanted to go home! sad so I went and collected her.

I'm just sure my daughter has abit of an anxiety around people & children! She won't eat around anyone, unless is myself and her dad, she won't talk around people! Unless family or close friend! (What yes is a good sign but she hides behinds me, and gets very upset)
I have took my daughter to regular baby groups! Play and day sessions ect.... but nothing works! What can I do to help her xxxxx

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