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curious86 Tue 17-Apr-18 16:22:41

Not sure if this is the right page as I'm new to this but wanted others opinions or any other stories.
My DS plays football, he's a good player and is in a good team, most of the other parents on our team get on well and we stick to the managers rules of not shouting at the DCs or the other teams DCs, we also can't have ago at the ref or other parents. To me this is completely understandable as I'm there to watch my DS and his team, we have been to match's where the other parents have been abusing our DC and the ref, all I want to no is why and do you really think your setting a good example to your DCs.
I have seen and heard a few players swear and threaten each other then the parents moan that their DC wouldn't do or say that, I have also witnessed some parents having ago at the other teams players (not our patents) why do people also think that is ok

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