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Possible ADHD

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Twounder1 Fri 13-Apr-18 19:46:27

Forgive me if I'm ignorant, I'm not overly educated or informed about ADHD. My dp has ADHD and I know it can be genetic and I'm really starting to think dd who is 1 has ADHD.
The moment we bought her home she wasnt a 'normal' baby so my parents and everyone else told me. She came out with her eyes open looking around. Very very alert, awake 18 hours a day, always nosy. Studies faces etc. To me. This was normal. But since I've had ds I think a normal baby is what he is.
Dd is incredibly bright and very mentally advanced reaching milestones before she's meant to. Which is great. I'm really proud of her. She has a lot of fire too which I never want to dim but I'm finding it now I have to get her to channel it into something. She can't sit still, even falling to sleep she has to uncontrollably move her feet In circular motions.. I'm really starting to think she's showing signs.

This worries me a lot as I know how dp struggles and how his legs hurt, his problems sleeping and problems with emotions.. I really worry for my dd.
My brother had asbergers as well as ADHD and he killed himself back in 2015. He didn't know how to cope with himself. Couldn't ever sleep which got him down and frustrated. He couldn't handle his stress levels so restored to smoking etc. I worry dd will have these sorts of problems. My mom bought it up to me earlier her possibly having ADHD and told me medication Is an option. I feel really.. Confused, worried and alone. She hadn't had an official diagnosis but the signs are there reading into it.

Any other mom's willing to comfort and give advice? Dp says an incredibly strict routine will help now (it's up in the air as ds is 11 days old) and channelling the extra energy into something active or creative.. Any advice/comfort?

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JKCR2017 Fri 13-Apr-18 22:03:09

How old is your dd? Is she at school or nursery or anything? Do they have concerns? I’ve been thinking my own son has ADHD (he is diagnosed with autism) but I’ve been told it has to be present in two settings ie home & school before it’s assessed or diagnosed. I’m not sure how accurate this is mind.

Please remember that all babies & children are different. My Autism and possible ADHD son was a very content baby and was a great sleeper but is a bit of a wild child now 😂. However, my DD never bloody slept as a baby. Would stay awake for hours etc but she is neurotypical and quite chilled these days.

Is your DD’s signs been pretty recent? Maybe it’s a reaction to having a new sibling!

Sorry I’m not much help but I didn’t want to read and run.

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