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Miha17 Fri 13-Apr-18 16:52:51


I've got an 5 1/2 month old DD and she is quite slim. She is mix fed, about 50/50 breast milk and formula at the moment. She has fallen on the charts before she turned 3 months due to breasfeeding going wrong, but she's put on about 2 lb per month since then. However, she is quite a slim baby still, very healthy looking and active, but still on the small side and slim. I cannot help but look at all the chubby babies at the baby rhyme classes and wonder if perhaps she still didn't catch up on what she's lost? Or perhaps she is not meant to be a chubby bany? She has been taking a lot of milk in the last several weeks, about 35 oz in 24 hours, however her needs have decreased in the last 2 weeks or so, she hardly manages about 30 oz.
I carry the guilt of underfeeding her and I feel she still didn't catch up on what she's lost.

Any similar experiences?

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Hohofortherobbers Fri 13-Apr-18 17:36:18

My ds was always a skinny and long baby, I was always waiting for the chubby legs to arrive but they never did. He's 4 now and skinnier than ever, but super tall. Maybe it's just her build. He didn't love milk either, but he weaned easily and eats well now. Has never bulked up though

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