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2yo screams at visitors to house

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gardener8 Fri 13-Apr-18 15:42:33

Just seeing if anyone else is going through this or has been through it and has any advice!! My DS has just turned 2 and screams like crazy whenever anyone comes round to the house. He screams, cries and drags me away to another room. No amount of cuddling, bfeeding, reassurance, distraction etc. helps. He also does it if we try to meet up with friends out and about or just bump into people we know in the street. The only people he doesn't scream at is me, oh, grandparents and his aunty. I've tried telling him who is coming round but he just shakes his head and the bottom lip comes out. He's fine at playgroups and is a bit unsettled at other people's houses but after a bit he calms down. I'm finding it very frustrating and it's putting me off meeting up with people as it's just too stressful for both me and him. Any advice anyone????? Anyone's lo used to do the same and now outgrown it? Thanks! p.s. should also say he hates anyone smiling at him or saying hello like the old ladies on the bus etc!

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