Is she Autistic?

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bobisbored Fri 13-Apr-18 14:46:55

Posting here for traffic as well as the SEN board.
I think DD (8) has ASD. I've thought it for a while. She has terrible anxiety, always needs to know what's happening and when, who will be there, how are we getting there, when will we be home etc. She gets up early and gets upset if she can't find clothes that "feel right". She is very bright and loves the education aspect of school but struggles socially. She has friends but as she gets older is finding the dynamics of friendship groups a real struggle. She has an amazing memory and remembers incredibly strange facts about things and memorises dates. She often has meltdowns at home over seemingly small things. She tells me she feels sad and doesn't fit in anywhere. I don't know what to do. She has an autistic child in her class at school who is fairly severe, non verbal and in nappies. To her, that is an autistic child. I don't know how she would cope with a diagnosis if she got one. I don't know where to go to speak to someone about it. School laughed it off as they just see a bright, sweet child who is no problem at all. Any advice would be great!

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SaturdayFencing Fri 13-Apr-18 20:47:04

Am growing the board and SEN in the hope of finding answers to my won situation and didn't want to let this go unanswered. I have no way of telling if your dd is autistic but would you be able to take her to a recommended clinical psychologist to have her assessed?

thanks OP. It's hard and such a worry isn's it? I hope you get some more replies.

SaturdayFencing Fri 13-Apr-18 20:47:28

*Am browsing!! Not growing smile

BarbarianMum Sat 14-Apr-18 11:06:59

I think, if you suspect autism, it would be better (for her and for you) to find out for sure. Because it seems that something (anxiety? sendory issues?) is going on. The fact that she may have to update her idea of what autism is is not the worst thing in the world, and will have to happen at some point- and the young she is, the more easily she'll accept any diagnosis that she may be given. You don't need to approach it as an exercise in seeing whether she's autistic or not with her but rather a "you find these things difficult/worrying and it would be useful to know why and what we can do to help".

bobisbored Sat 14-Apr-18 11:39:48

Thank you for the replies. That's a good way of approaching it Barbarian. I think I might try school again, if not perhaps GP.

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TheSconeOfStone Sat 14-Apr-18 13:38:35

My daughter was diagnosed at 8 with what would have been called Aspergers a few years ago. We told her she had Aspergers which is a type of autism. The diagnosis has been a positive thing for her to understand herself. It can take a long time so I would recommend starting the process before the move to secondary. Things are definitely getting more challenging as DD gets older. She will require an enhanced transfer to secondary.

Good luck. I hope you get your DD some support, whatever the issue may be.

TheSconeOfStone Sat 14-Apr-18 13:43:02

I went to the GP alone with a list of concerns and DD was referred to the child development centre. We told DD it was to get help with how she was feeling and didn’t suggest she was being assessed for anything.

Our DD is triggered in school so we were ‘lucky’ that we had ed psych and lots of evidence from SENCO.

popcorneatingmonster Tue 17-Apr-18 00:44:20

Autism is harder to diagnose in girls - imo there is enough there to ask for a referral for a proper assessment. The school likely does not have expertise in all the different ways ASD presents, so my advice would be to push them to refer even if they don't see the issues & if that does not work go through the GP so that you get an answer.
Agree about framing it as getting help/improving understanding - it really does help. My child is recently diagnosed with ASD at secondary & the diagnosis has been helpful for our child and rest of our family as well as school.

bobisbored Tue 17-Apr-18 07:04:34

Thank you for your replies. I was an anxious child and I suppose I was a bit quirky so maybe I'm on the spectrum too 😬 It difficult because I ended up ok so will she? Do I need to do anything? But if I don't and it gets worse? Agghhhh!

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Benandhollysmum Tue 17-Apr-18 15:36:43

It took 2 years for them to diagnose autism in my girl, she got her diagnosis at 16. The autism spectrum is actually huge. You have the severe form with that many other development problems like non communication ect, and then there is high functioning which my daughter is, she’s intelligent, gets good grades but just doesn’t seem to be able to adapt or understanding friendships so easy.
Your daughter may just be the type to live off her nerves rather than be autistic. The only way to get a diagnosis on autism and the likes is to speak to the school and see if they can nudge the camhs team to see her..

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