I'm so close to loosing my shi......

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himynameiss Wed 11-Apr-18 17:02:02

Omg 19 month old daughter driving me up the fu*king wall. Some days she’s great some days she completely getting on my nerves then I feel guilty as she’s unable to communicate with me properly. Also 6 months pregnant. Just needed to rant biscuitblushcakebrew

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 12-Apr-18 18:49:52

It’s hard isn’t it, especially when you’re PG. if she’s having problems communicating, I’d take her to the library tomorrow and see if you can get any books on baby signing or makaton. It will help her to communicate with you and, hopefully, reduce the frustration for both of you smile

albanyd Thu 12-Apr-18 20:26:40

I don't have any advice but just wanted to say you're not alone! Stay strong!

queenpop Thu 12-Apr-18 21:03:33

What is annoying you about her?

himynameiss Fri 13-Apr-18 12:56:27

I found out the reason! Her big back teeth are coming through! Such a big brave girl!

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