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Toddler hitting behaviour

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Meredith16 Mon 09-Apr-18 22:55:49

My friends daughter (22 months) got bitten at their gym nursery. My friend and her husband told her next time someone hurts her, she is to scream ‘No’ really hard and punch the other child back. During a play date at our house the little girl was asked by her mum to show me where she got bitten and she responded by screaming’ no punch you’and then punched my daughter (also 22 months) who was just standing next to her doing nothing. Her mum then said no, we only do that when someone hurts you but she obviously doesn’t understand it fully. Is it appropriate to tell your toddler to punch back when someone hurts them? I have never been in this situation and hadn’t given itmuch thought until this happened. My friends daughter has in the past hit or squeezed my daughter and I now feel quite uncomfortable with the situation

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AjasLipstick Tue 10-Apr-18 00:23:50

This is why your friend's child's Dad was wrong and stupid to tell a toddler to hit back!

I would avoid people like that quite frankly OP.

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