2yo getting distracted

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Herculesupatree Mon 09-Apr-18 17:17:34

MyDS is coming up to 2yo. I am struggling with him getting distracted. For example, he was about to have a drink in a cafe earlier (after much persuasion and me pretending it was my drink!) when he knocked a spoon on the floor. That was it, game over, no drink.

He does it with eating too so he will just eat a few bites then get distracted and stop. If we are playing a game and he bumps into another toy that toy will take over. It's making me really stressed as I'm trying to stop anything that might distract him from happening and then I can't enjoy spending time with him! Is this just a normal stage?!

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Rainatnight Tue 10-Apr-18 14:35:12

Hello again! It sounds really normal to me. If anything, my DD's attention span has got worse around this age, having been quite focused before now. I put it down to development and them being just interested in lots of different things, being able to run around and look at things etc. I think they're also getting more interested in other people as well too now.

I try to keep mealtimes fairly distraction free, so there aren't any books or toys or anything on the go. I'd have just ignored the drink thing. And I think the thing with the toy is par for the course!

Herculesupatree Tue 10-Apr-18 20:45:30

Hiya! Yeah I'm probably over-worrying! But like you and your DD I guess i noticed he's more easily distracted. I must have got used to him being quite focused. He was fine at the childminders today and even ate all his veg there! Guess he'd rather follow the other kids examples than mine!

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