My ds is driving me crazy

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Stephthegreat Wed 04-Apr-18 18:46:09

Not ill I mean.

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Stephthegreat Wed 04-Apr-18 18:45:14

My ds is 3 and a good talker and quite bright.Normally he’s very active and we have our ups and downs but today he’s driven me mad.The worst of it was when he spilled juice for the third time that day (I’ve been wondering if it’s deliberate) and again I’ve changed him into fresh clothes.i didn’t shout but did tell him to be more careful,he told me I’m a nasty mummy and other things.I said to him that I’m a kind mummy who never hurts him or hits him (he had hit me in the face) this morning.

He has then lied to me saying that I do hit him.ive never laid a finger on him in his life and never would.Hes been incredibly bossy with me and then I spent the afternoon making roast dinner which he used to like but has completely not eaten any of it.

AnD guess what?during dinner he spilled all his water again.nothing I say has any impact,he doesn’t care what I say.hes had no dinner and he’s well, not I’ll.what do I do? I’m at the end of my wits with it.

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