Driven crazy by the time it takes to get the kids ready to go anywhere!

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ChangingStates Wed 04-Apr-18 11:48:24

How does anyone deal with it? I have 2 girls- 11 & 7 and I have spent the last half hour trying to get them to get dressed, brush teeth etc.... everyday getting them to do this kind of stuff is a battle- I try to be all jolly and upbeat, end up resorting to threats of screen time bans etc and by the time we get out the door I am in a shit mood and they are either oblivious or in tears. Am soooooo frustrated, feel like a failure. Please share your success strategies- I need a battle plan!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 04-Apr-18 12:57:53

Do you give them plenty of notice and turn the WiFi off?

jaimelannistersgoldenhand Wed 04-Apr-18 13:48:37

How long do you allocate to getting ready?
My 11 year old could get ready for school in under 30 minutes if he didn't muck about but he's a daydreamer so I get him up 1 hour before he has to leave the house.

It's much easier to allocate extra time and go at their pace rather than rush them so that they go at an efficient speed.

ChangingStates Wed 04-Apr-18 15:07:27

Any devices etc are turned off well beforehand - We are all up at 6 in order to get out by 8 on school days shock

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 04-Apr-18 16:20:03

Well I’d say 2 hours should be sufficient grin

One trick that works with my DD(10) is to let her watch a tv programme when she’s ready. It seems to motivate her to focus. She is a tv junkie though.

jaimelannistersgoldenhand Wed 04-Apr-18 16:31:40

2 hours should be fine. Do they get enough sleep?

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