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user1491816542 Sun 01-Apr-18 14:49:11

Does anyone know what this rash could be?? It's all in his ear too

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AjasLipstick Sun 01-Apr-18 14:58:09

Is he ok in himself? Have you changed your detergent or bought new bedding?

I'd see the pharmacist immediately if not the doctor.

user1491816542 Sun 01-Apr-18 15:02:14

He seems to be crying more than usual and he keeps grabbing his ear. I changed my washing power a few weeks back

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Nogodsnomasters Sun 01-Apr-18 21:07:36

I have no idea what it could be sorry, but I think it you'd changed the powder weeks back it wouldn't take until now to cause an allergic reaction and I'd also think if it was he'd get a rash where the clothes are touching him not on his ear, temple and cheek. Does he have any other symptoms, fever, no appetite? Also how old is he? I would definitely make a doctors appointment in the morning especially as you say he's cried a lot more today.

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