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Please give me your Potty training dos & don’ts

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pullonyourjudgypants Thu 29-Mar-18 16:33:54

Hi, im thinking through the potty training but need some tips please . For example when do you get them to potty after they wake up? Straight away or do you leave them in their nighttime nappy for a bit. My little one is a bit of a zombie on waking.

Plus what do I do on naps?

If we potty before leaving the house should I try him once we arrive somewhere if it’s juts down the road (10 mins in car?) or before leaving an activity. I’m sure he’ll have accidents during an activity as his mind will be distracted. Not seen any accidents from others at toddler classes so far hmm

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HobnobBob Thu 29-Mar-18 19:48:13

You need to spend time in the house nappy free, I didn’t go out for a week. Lots of encouragement to use the potty, stickers, chocolate buttons, whatever works. I get DC to use it before we go out then remind them when are out. Took the potty with me for quite a while. Still used pull ups on long journeys.

I try and take the night time nappy off when we get up but it didn’t always work. Don’t stress about being wet overnight that can take ages to stop, even until they’re in school with some children.

Smellyjo Fri 30-Mar-18 16:53:55

Read the book 'oh crap' potty training. Lots of people on here have had success with it, we found it brill and it will answer all your queries.

werewolfhowls Fri 30-Mar-18 21:46:18

Do wait till summer and so can have lots of nappy free time outside, so much easier to deal with! Plus all the inevitable washing gets chance to dry too .

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