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Milk oversupply issues?

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BabyBobbins32 Sun 25-Mar-18 21:21:07

My baby is now 5 days old and my milk came in about 2 days ago. Baby has been feeding well but since milk came in has been a bit sicky after a feed when winding.
At 5 day weigh in today she's lost 10% of birth weight which is within normal but midwife wants to see her again in 2 days.
My issue is my breasts are really engorged since milk came in and baby can't seem to empty them fully. Midwife suggested I pumped to give her a top up feed (to help get weight up and to empty boob) but after the appt today I have been consciously putting baby back on boob until feel better drained (not force feeding, only if she was looking for it) and she has been quite sick after like she is taking too much. So basically I'm worried I have an over supply and she is getting too much fore milk but not enough hind milk? Is this possible?
She has been sleeping loads today to the point I've had to wake her for feeds and midwife said don't let her go more than 3 hours without feeding.
My other issue is she keeps falling asleep whilst feeding so I have to strip her off/blow on her/tickle her to wake her back up and get her back on.
Getting her latched on and feeding has been no issue it's just whether I'm over or under feeding her and how I deal with the engorged boobs especially if oversupply issue.
Any advice would be much appreciated as really worried I'm overfeeding her and giving her a sore belly making her sick after feed but then also conscious I need to get her weight back up.
I should add she was a big baby 9lb 3 at birth so whilst she lost she's still a very good weight.
Thank you!

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carnassials Sun 25-Mar-18 22:49:47

Do both your breasts let down milk when feeding? You could switch breast half way through a feed if so?

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 26-Mar-18 22:15:07

I wouldn’t worry too much if she falls asleep on the boob, that’s perfectly normal. You could try a couple of breast compressions, but if she’s asleep, she’s probably had enough.

Can you get to a Bfing Support agroup this week? They may be able to give you some support smile

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