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Feel like crap cos I smacked my 3-year-old

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sadIsmacked Sun 25-Mar-18 05:28:35

How do I come back from this?
Was having a typically shit evening with 3-yr-old ds refusing to come down to dinner, baby screaming, then ds threw water all over the floor and something we'd borrowed off a friend so I just lost it.

I bellowed at him and smacked the side of his head - not hard, but enough to shock him.
When we'd calmed down I apologised then at bedtime talked about it and said I wourld never do it again.
Thing is we are trying to get him to stop hitting which he does to see our reaction. I know he'll now try and provoke me to do it again so I'm really kicking myself, he'll probably go on and on about it too as he likes to argue about why he is allowed to do things (as well as everything else under the sun).
I feel so terrible that I did this to my ds who was once my precious baby that I'd never dream of harming! I do sometimes hurt him when trying to e.g. Grab him to stop him running out in the road or carry him up to time out but I explain that that is an accident. I can't dismiss this as an accident.
Dp is away and I'll have to tell him when he comes back sad

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sadIsmacked Sun 25-Mar-18 05:30:21

I feel so awful I've crossed a line so I'm fairly confident I will be able to avoid hitting again just so I don't ever feel like this again

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sadIsmacked Sun 25-Mar-18 08:54:43

Any words of wisdom?

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Jenny221 Sun 25-Mar-18 08:59:45

I think as parents we all might if on occasion smaked our children. Sometimes it happens. Just as long as you know that you were wrong and admit it. You have apologized to him. You are not a bad mother for making a mistake we all make mistakes but we learn from them.
My DD at the time was 6 and She screamed at me cant remember over what and said its her life she will do what she wants. I slapped her through the face. I felt like shit but needless to say she never spoke to me like that again.

thethoughtfox Sun 25-Mar-18 09:40:17

You are human. You have done the right thing: you woman-ed up and apologised and took steps to repair your relationship.

sadIsmacked Mon 26-Mar-18 05:04:47

Thanks. It's hard and my ds makes it impossible to care for a baby while keeping him happy. luckily ds hasn't said anything about it today, but has been a terror still sad

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