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8 y/o DS OBSESSED with me

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FootballMum2010 Fri 23-Mar-18 11:08:13

My 8 y/o DS is completely obsessed with me... to the point he will not let 10 y/o DS hug me or even sit beside me. Both play footy at similar times at weekend which results in myself & DH having to take one each to matches. Younger DS point blank REFUSES to go with DH and means I am missing out on watching older DS play. When I go somewhere with friends 9 times out of 10 DS ends up coming with me as he goes nuts at me going out. Even just a trip to the cinema so a few hours away causes him to get extremely upset! I know deep down this bothers DH although he would never admit it. We thought when he was younger that he would grow out of this but it doesn't seem to be the case. Don't know how to go about addressing this. I am well aware we have let this go on too long so it's going to be v difficult but any tips or suggestion welcome!!

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