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11 year old son - concerns

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J7223j Thu 22-Mar-18 11:22:28

Ive been concerned about my son for a while now - he had croup at age 2 and after the steroids has struggled to get to sleep at night pretty much since. He could go to bed at 9pm and still be awake at 11 - he will read fiddle with toys and stuff in his room and struggles to unwind. He also gets really angry playing video consoles especially those that are competitive with others. He's a bright kid who has an answer for everything but he does not apply himself as much as he should - he does like to do well and does want to make sure his homework is done. He doesn't have tv or consoles or any gadgets in his room at night. He seems to want to argue about everything and we just feel like day in day out its a battle with him. He goes to friends houses and their parents are always saying how lovely and well mannered he is. I have discussed with him about seeing a doctor about why he can't get to sleep at night - he is receptive to this, I dont think he would be a receptive about his anger bouts though. We have removed his gadgets for the moment because its just making him too angry. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Mar-18 20:18:34

I think you’ve done the right thing removing his consoles for a while. Has this helped him to calm a little?

If he’s struggling to settle, what does he do for the hour before bed? Does he get much exercise in the day too?

KingIrving Fri 23-Mar-18 18:52:16

You have remove his gadgets which is great. May I ask about TV or computer? Is he still watching it or spending some time on his computer after finishing homework, even for peaceful things such as watching family photos? I ask because I read "deadly wandering" and other books (iMindm rating children in a digital age, ...) on the effects of screens on a child's brain and ALL highlights how excitable children become , and other effects.

Could you go out on a walk after dinner. Leave your DH tidying the kitchen, grab a coat and just go for a walk for 30 min, looking at the houses, dogs, ....

Another suggestions would be to go at the library, and take the maximum amount of books allowed on your card, even if you have hundreds of books at home, facts and science books, fiction, jokes, .... and sit all together for 30 min reading in the lounge, then teeth brushing and to bed.

Last, can you add some sport? DS2 is 11 and in squads swimming. He goes swimming for an hour either mornings before school (at 7am in the water so up at 6.10) or after school and by 8.30 is shattered and the second his head touches the pillow, he is already sleeping.

Very very last, diet. Eating kiwis in the evening could help according to this medical study. No harm in trying
"In summary, consumption of 2 kiwifruit nightly 1 hour before bedtime for 4 weeks resulted in improved sleep onset, duration, and efficiency in adults with self-reported sleep disturbances. The results of this study suggest that further research into the sleep-promoting mechanisms of kiwifruit may be warranted.
" Full study here . Almonds ad raspberries are almost high in melatonin so instead of biscuits after school, a bowl of each might help. Goji berries have the highest amount however they are not easily found .

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