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Help with nearly 18 month old

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Anxiouschild Sun 25-Mar-18 03:34:10

It's normal. You just have to repeat ad nauseum. "We don't hit/use gentle hands/that is unkind/that hurts Mummy" etc. Move/remove them if they persist.

Rainatnight Thu 22-Mar-18 12:19:50

Yeah, she's too little.

icantdothis2017 Wed 21-Mar-18 13:41:44

This is a normal stage .
My two year old still laughs at me when I say no

nicolazz Wed 21-Mar-18 12:31:02

I'm really struggling to get my almost 18 month old little girl to listen to me, if she does something wrong such as hitting then I will get down to her level and tell her that she shouldn't do it as it's not kind etc but she will just laugh.

Any advice on what to do please?

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