How to encourage fine motor skills in 3 year old. Pencil marking, etc

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Mamaalwaysworried Thu 15-Mar-18 09:38:50

Just had a meeting with my 3.5 year olds nursery teacher who pointed out that my DD needs to improve her fine motor skills.

In summary, she doesn't like getting her hands messy or dirty so she avoids things like play dough or finger painting even though she does give it a try. But in turn this means her fine motor skills need to improve. For example her pencil marking is very light and she doesn't naturally go towards to the writing and drawing table. I don't necessarily want to force her into enjoying s something she doesn't like but if it starts to affect her writing then I'd like to focus on it.

What can I do to improve her fine motor skills?

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 15-Mar-18 10:43:15

I wouldn’t worry too much about her not writing yet. My DS point blank refused to even hold a pencil until he got to school, he was writing sentences within a few weeks.

Things that can help her are letting her dress and undress herself, threading beads, duplo, giving her a bucket of water and a paintbrush and letting her paint things in the garden, outdoor chalks, giving her some different pasta shapes and some empty bowls and getting her to sort them. Cutting paper and tearing paper for collages both help too.

Mamaalwaysworried Thu 15-Mar-18 11:14:54


Thank you that is helpful. I try so hard to get her involved in messy play but cautious of it back firing by her growing a strong dislike to it.

I will continue to try the things you've suggested. I was also thinking of letting her use a spray bottle in the bath so she can exercise her hand muscles.

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