7 year old DS hasn't got a 'best'friend.

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Brys125 Mon 12-Mar-18 10:57:46

Looking for some reassurance and advice. My DS says he does not have any friends, I know this cannot be true as he is always greeted enthusiastically by children in school so I am presuming it's more to do with not having a close friend.

He prefers the company of girls but at this age the girls don't seem to want to involve him in their games. I know this will change over the next few years! He is fixated on having a girlfriend even though I have told him he is too young to worry about this. I think he probably comes across as a bit intense.

He asked to do football lessons so that he would have the confidence to join in football at break times but is still hesitant. I've also told him that football is not for everybody to find the other boys that aren't playing football as I'm sure they are not all playing it!

I'm struggling with what advice to give as I don't want to discourage playing with girls but if their response is upsetting him I just don't understand why he wouldn't want to find other friends.


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