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What to look for in a creche/nursery

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LadyRenoir Sat 10-Mar-18 20:48:37

So although it breaks my heart, like probably many parents, I will have to go back to work in a few months time and place baby in a creche nursery- he will be 9 months old by then.
What sort of things do you need to look into when looking for one? We are going to visit a place close to my work, but I have no idea what sort of questions to ask, and what is important for us to see when we are there.

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Callamia Sat 10-Mar-18 22:03:28

Practical things:
- how many in the baby room?
- what to do about food/milk? (Do you provide food?)
- what’s their nap situation? (Where do they sleep and when?)
- how long do they spend outside? (And, any outings?)
- what is their staff turnover like? (You don’t want a different key worked every few months)

More ethos sort of things
- what’s their ‘discipline’ policy (eg for something like snatching)? (I know not relevant for a 9m old, but it’s an interesting answer that should tell you about their ability to handle normal child conflict)
- what do they do if a child is going through some separation anxiety?
- do they staff hug the children?

Ask yourself whether you like the staff. My son went to nursery at 11m, and his keyworker taught me a ton about parenting - she has grown up children, and was calm and kind to me as well as him. I’m happy to send my youngest to her later this year too. Nursery can be great, my eldest has been at his for nearly three years, and he’s thrived. It’s hard-going at first, but if you’re happy with where he is, then it will be ok.

TwittleBee Mon 12-Mar-18 12:20:08

PP really covered most things but also worth finding out:

Ask if there is someone suitably first aid trained in the room your DS will be in (I was horrified to find out some nurseries do not have this!)

Ask what will happen if your DS develops an allergy, what is the system in place and would they be able to cope with his needs (found out after our DS had an allergic reaction that his nursery wasn't anaphylaxis aware/trained and so refused to care for him anymore).

Another important

TwittleBee Mon 12-Mar-18 12:23:42

(sorry DS made me press send too soon!)

Another important thing to ask if you are planning on doing any early starts or late pick ups is if your DS will be moved into a room with older children during this stage. I completely didn't realise this occurred at my DS's 1st nursery and was pretty horrified when I had my first early morning drop off to find I was leaving my 6mo with a room full of loud 2/3 year olds with only 2 staff members!

I've got a lovely childminder for my DS now, Nursery certainly has massive positives but also remember if you cannot find a suitable nursery you like you can try Childminders too

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