Just young for age?

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MoominMama89 Fri 09-Mar-18 20:01:55


My daughter is 5, in year 1, and I’m starting to think something maybe going on.

She’s always been what I would describe as socially young for her age but she doesn’t seem to be changing and I’m getting a little concerned.

She has massive tantrums over the littlest thing. Such as if someone moves her Lego or uses her pen. She used to have one friend at school but she’s drifted off now too, as my dd only wants to play loud, bossy, crazy games that no one else can get a say in. Basically it’s her way or the highway. She goes to after school clubs but has no friends here either as no one can really understand her behaviour. Also, if the regular teacher isn’t at the clubs she has a melt down and panics, crying that she doesn’t want to go in.

She was an early talker but still talks in the same voice she has for years with very infantile language choices/turns of phrase. Such as instead of saying “look at how many there are” she will say “look how much nem is” or instead of “they’re still at home, doing their homework” she’ll say “there are at them home still, doing them homework”.

She fully believes in fairies and mermaids etc. to the point she really thinks it’s possible that they will give her wings. She thinks she has powers like Matilda and genuinely believes she has moved things with her mind (such as she will move her head so from her perspective the light has changed, and she will expect everyone to have experienced the same change in light). She will hide her face under a cushion and believes no one can see her, or cover peoples eyes and thinks they really believe the sun to has gone.

The best way to put it is that I feel like socially and emotionally she’s more like a 3 year old.

School Education wise she’s ok. She’s middle of the class reading and writing but not so great at maths. She’s in year 1 and the youngest in the year which eases my mind in a way as if born a week later she’d only be in reception where I think she might “get away with” more of her behaviours. However she’s going into year 2 this year.

As a teacher I thought I knew kids, but I now just don’t know is this is “normal” for a 5 and a half year old any more. It’s starting to worry me.

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meme70 Sat 10-Mar-18 15:14:39

Why don’t you call your health visitor ? They are very good normally and it’s natural to worry.

My grandson has autism there’s so a large spectrum they are classes as having problems

He’s very behind and has a peach and behaviour problems

You my youngest daughter is very head strong bossy and finds it hard to keep friends and she’s 13 all through nursery and school I’ve had the toughest time with her being bullied bullying other children and outspokennessnow a teenager you can imagine it’s harder but her father has learning problems and his family’s so I see why.

I’d ceratinjngvget professional help only a parent knows they’re children best x

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 11-Mar-18 21:18:45

Ok so you’re a teacher, what’s your gut feeling? If this was one of your pupils, what would you suggest to the parents?

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