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What do you do with your 5 month old?

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Lightbulbs Fri 09-Mar-18 13:31:37

There are so many activities available... baby massage... rhyme time... soft play etc. How much do you do with your baby? Do people do something everyday? I play with my baby at home, take her for a walk each day but I'm not sure if I'm doing enough? Do these classes benefit the baby or is it more for the parent?

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ealj6815 Fri 09-Mar-18 19:09:25

Classes are really good for baby and mum too! It helps the mum get out and communicate with other mums and it helps baby's ger out and be in peoples company. I suggest a walk with you baby every day whether it's just simply getting it wrapped up and in the pram to sit in the garden while you have a coffee, a 15 minute walk round the block, or a good walk round the country side. I suggest some sort of class once a week! Make sure your baby is coming into contact with children once a week too.

Going out once a day isn't a big deal as long as it's a few times a week.

Also reading to your baby multiple times a day and whilst doing that try exaggerating your words to keep the little one interested. Also stripping your baby off and doing some painting (watch out for them trying to eat it). Buy a paddling pool and change it every day one day put ball pool balls in it, the next some water for them to splash about, then sand (again watch out for eating), even flower. Sounds messy but it's great for sensory play. Always have music on for them too. And although so many people will disagree with me for this I think letting children watch some kind of educational tv programme is good a couple of hours a week.

This is an example of my week last week:
Monday= baby swimming class then too see nanan C
Tuesday= painting and sand day/ cleaning day for mummy
Wednesday= shopping with Aunty and other Nannie G and great grandma
Thursday= baby yoga, chill out day at home as she had a snotty nose
Friday= mummy had a coffee date with her friend while she had a milk date with her little friend
Saturday= walk round dam
Sunday= out for lunch with other half's family

FinnMcMissile Fri 09-Mar-18 21:40:17

I don't think they are necessary, but babies probably benefit from a change in surroundings, ie new sights and sounds. They also enjoy listening to you chatting to other people. This could be accomplished by meeting up with a friend for coffee though, rather than attending a group. One benefit of a lot of groups is the singing, as it's good for communication and language development. I don't currently do any baby groups with my 5 month old, but I do sing to her at home which she loves.

MrsJ11 Wed 14-Mar-18 19:02:04

Hi, my baby girl just turned 6 months last week and for the past 2 months I’ve been taking her to Jo Jingles on a Tuesday and Baby sensory on a Wed, otherwise we go a walk about 3 times a week and I meet up with my friend on Mondays who has an 8 month old and even though they don’t play together yet i think all of this is good for her being around other babies often as well as her sensory/development, when we’re in the house together though and not attending any classes or meeting up with friends we play with stacking cups, building blocks etc on the rug, I read her a book and we do tummy time as well as time in her play gym thing, I think really the classes are fab but you don’t have to attend any more than one or two a week, plenty can be done in the house to aid development and let her learn and explore

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