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ealj6815 Thu 08-Mar-18 21:58:31

I have a 4 year old boy (Lennon James) and a 3 year old girl (Scarlett ivy). Lennon has always been such a good boy where as Scarlett is just TOO sassy. She isn't 'naughty' but she is just really cheeky, she has an answer for everything, she can be so lovely but when she doesn't get her own way she kicks up a massive fuss! She is so bossy to her brother and some of her friends from school and she is such a jealous person. I have my 1 year old nephew to sleep sometimes and I can't cuddle him I can't feed him I can't touch him with out her throwing herself on the floor and screaming. She's always making her brother cry. Nursery always say she is the sweetest little girl who is very forward but she can sometimes smack, bite and hit children. Her new trick is pulling their hair.
I'm due to have a baby on the 5th of April and I am really concerned as to how she will act with he/she. She loves dolls and loves doing things that make her feel older thank she is for instance pushing a pram, wearing nail varnish, doing house chores. So I feel giving her a role with the new baby will make her feel special but I just need some advice on methods to avoid the hitting and the jealousy.

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