No speech becoming very aggressive 2 year old

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Amybusterbaker Mon 12-Mar-18 06:44:19

Thanks you so much I'm defiantly not on denial about anything he's most of the time such a happy little boy and if there is something else going on with him we will deal with it it doesn't change who he is and how much we love him just feel useless like there nothing I can do for him at the minute will defiantly speak to the senco and keep a record going to the gp today to voice my concerns but everytime they just brush me off saying he is to young to do anything about yet and alot could change which I accept yes alot could change but he's my son and I know no that somethings not quite right and want it sorting early so he can have a better future xx

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ealj6815 Fri 09-Mar-18 19:48:29

I work with that age group also and we are dealing with a similar case. The best thing to do is to keep a note of everything! If you work in a nursery you'll know what a good record keeping looks like. Speak to a SENCo leader. Use the skills you have learnt at work to deal with him and also use the skills you feel would be most beneficial to him and you. Find something he loves and just stick to it for as long as it keeps him happy.

This is not to worry you what so ever smd forgive me if I'm saying anything wrong but ADHD/autism. My nephew is 3 and they are sure he's got one of the two but they aren't sure which one yet due to his young age. But the positive news, he was almost uncontrollable before but now finding out what it is, they haven't learnt to cope with it so much better and he is so much more contollable.

I think you just need to go take a step back look at the bigger picture and take it step by step looking at everything in depth for the benifit of your little boy. Don't rush into it. Also don't be in denial about anything... that's the issue with he parent of the little boy in my room at the minute and she's making it really difficult for us to solve anything

BackforGood Thu 08-Mar-18 23:39:19

Always a good idea to rule out any hearing difficulty first though.

Trust your instincts. You say you work with 2 yr olds 4 days a week.. You know deep in your heart you are worried.
Speak to the SENCo. Ask them to fill in a developmental profile.
Write down your concerns, as bullet points and take the list to your GP - ask for a referral for a paediatric assessment. It may be there is nothing, but with your experience, you feel there is, and that would be enough for me to be getting an assessment. If it turns out there is no issues, then all well and good, but if there is, then the sooner anything is identified, the sooner you can start looking at how to help him.

Amybusterbaker Thu 08-Mar-18 21:20:36

Hi I'm really new to this and just wanted Somone to listen to me instead of saying my son's still a baby and he will be fine I work at a nursery with the same age children as my son and in the same room he's in he does one day a week so don't work in the room that day but since working in that room I've noticed my son is alot different to the other children and I know children develop differently and at different speeds but I really do have concerns. My son is 2 in May and still does not day a word he used to say mam and dad and now doesn't say anything also he is becoming very aggressive headbutts everything and has started biting does not give much eye contact and if he does doesn't hold it for long he prefers to play on his ownquite alot he is aware of the other children but does not get involved with them his sleeping pattern is really bad wakes up during night alot and thinks it's time to get up doesn't not play much with his toys would rather sit and watch tv we have tried turning the tv off and trying to entertain him with his toys but he's not intrested and will give you the tv remote I have been thinking something maybe different with him for a while but people say not to worry he has a audiology test coming up soon as health visitor said this is the next step to take I don't think it has anything to do with his hearing but just another thing I don't have to worry about any similar story's or any advise would be great thank you x

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