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My child keeps her night nappy on at weekends

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Lizzyhillman Tue 06-Mar-18 03:59:58

Hello I’m not sure if this is a problem but would like some reassurance. My DD is 6 above average for her age at school great reader and just a great child. But she’s 6 and still wets the bed. I have no problem with this as both my partner and I were bedwetters till 5 and 8 ( I was the late one 😂) we use pampers baby dry size 7 or tesco size 6+ and they fit her perfectly never leak and are cheaper than drynites, plus they hold more than pull ups which she hates. I put her nappy on her about an hour before bed if she needs to wee before bed she goes on the toilet and I help her put the nappy back on when she gets up she takes it off and goes to the toilet. Her nappies are still about half full at least so obviously not ready. However at the weekend she is more than happy to either wake up do her morning wee in her nappy and walk around in her pj shirt and nappy which is pretty full for at least an hour or more in the morning
If I tell her to take it off she will make excuses like “I’ll do it after this cartoon. Or she will jump in bed with me and because I’m worries about her falling asleep again and wetting my bed I will most of the time put a clean nappy on her but then this means she will happily use her nappy and keep it on all morning. I’m not bothered but wonder why she does this? My partner says I should chill out as it’s only a nappy? And she does take it off or ask her dad to do it eventually. Anyone have this issue? And should I just chill out about it or take a more stern approach I just worry because she’s doesn’t mind having a nappy on at her age and I don’t want to make her feel it’s wrong when she needs one but wetting when she’s awake just seems lazy but again my partner says she’s fine during the week at school so why not just let her chill at the weekend after all it’s at home so why care. If we’re going somewhere during the weekend she takes it off straight away. Maybe I’m over thinking this?.

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GandTforme Tue 06-Mar-18 08:01:52

Well if it bothers you tell her the nappy comes off as soon as she gets up, you're the parent after all. You say you sometimes put a clean one on in the morning but she doesn't need one in the day if shes dry at school. Maybe these mixed messages are confusing for her?

Lizzyhillman Tue 06-Mar-18 22:51:03

Well it doesn't really bother me I'm just wondering why! although i used to do this too when I was bedwetter. I don't put a clean nappy during the week because it comes off this only happens at the weekend for example, quite a lot of the time at weekends she will wake and come in to bed with me and my husband, this ranges from 6-7 in the morning. her nappy is already wet from the night so to avoid an accident in my bed I put a clean one most of the time. When we wake again it is wet but she will happily keep it on till it full. Her dad's attitude is well its the weekend were at home why does it matter if she keeps and uses the nappy till say 11-12 when were not doing anything, plus as she's is in baby nappies it not like she's gonna still be doing this in a couple of years. Im ok with it but I'm just wondering if there are other parents out there with kids who do this and take a similar attitude to us?

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CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 07-Mar-18 06:47:19

Someone with a Nappy fetish looking for stories.

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