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Toddler hates me talking to other adults

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pingpongballing Mon 05-Mar-18 22:11:32

Oh gosh no advice but following! My two year old is the same, I think she's incredible sociable and gets frustrated when she can't join in our conversations. She also finds it hard to entertain herself and wants to play with me all the time.

faequeen Mon 05-Mar-18 21:13:09

Hi my 2 year dd (only child) gets annoyed and frustrated when I try to have conversation with my husband or another adult even on the phone.
It’s generally only ok in a bigger group when there is other adults she can get attention from. But if it is just 2 people I think she feels left out. It is mainly with me the most and she doesn’t like it when me and the nanny talk about the weather for example she just wants to play with her new friend.
She is gifted and a joy but v full on and good at getting her way but not spoiled at all and very empathic. I try to make sure she has little periods playing on her own. If she is calm she will play on her own but is always looking up and trying to involve me. Same situation with her part time nanny and dad... if it’s two people she does it.

Now if this is a phase I’m fine although my friend told me her 6 year old only child still does this which made me worry if I’m doing something wrong?
She is imaginative and has plenty of toys.. my feeling is she needs more time around other children ie if she had playmates in the room she wouldn’t do it but she is a single child and we do go to a couple of clubs but maybe it’s not enough? And no not having another, one in is enough. smile

Your ideas or perhaps personal experiences welcome.

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