Frustrated baby

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Glitterbaby17 Wed 28-Feb-18 00:09:52

My DD is 9 months and has been a bit like this for about six weeks - crying, frustrated, scratching and difficult in chairs or pushchairs. She finally figured out how to crawl a few days ago and is SO much happier. No advice to get her there but just to say hang in there xx

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 26-Feb-18 09:58:09

What do you do when she hits you OP? If she’s trying to walk by herself, I’d ditch the walker, she’ll probably learn to walk quicker without it.

Can she stand a time the sofa for a bit if you put a couple of toys on it for her to play with?

Have you tried a door bouncer or a jumperoo too? I wouldn’t spend a lot on them though as she’s probsbly at the upper age and weight for them now.

If MIL is worried, how do you feel about it? What’s your gut feeling?

Twocatsonebaby Mon 26-Feb-18 09:28:26

She's 10 months old and she won't crawl. But she's trying to walk and getting so frustrated she can't get about. She can't quite support herself yet but either in frustration or even when she's tired, she lashes out. Constantly pinching, grabbing our faces and pinching, nipple pinching through tshirts, hitting, biting and the worst thing which I'm really worried about, is if she's in her high chair or anywhere for that matter sat down, she will throw herself forward and repeatedly smack her head on the surface behind with force. I try and put her in her walker as much as I can but she gets bored after a little while. But it's the only thing that keeps her content. She hates her bouncer. I don't know what to do. Is this normal behaviour? She's usually a really well behaved little girl but this has been the past month. I love her so much and I'd do anything for her but it's really starting to stress me out. Not to mention DP's constant moaning over it.

What can I do for my little girl? She sleeps and eats well, she's fine for all that. She isn't teething. My mom says she's showing signs of ADHD (which dp has) but I'm not so sure

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