Should I be doing anything to help my baby sit or crawl?

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lightoflaluna Wed 21-Feb-18 10:46:17

DS is 7.5 mo. He can sit unaided for a minute or two but can't, and shows no signs of being able to pull himself to a sitting position. Same with standing. He's getting better at weight bearing in his jumperoo and when i'm holding him under his arms but doesn't seem to try to pull himself up.

He's good at rolling and spends most of his playtime on the carpet with toys spread round him. He'll roll over and over to travel. He also sort of lies on his back and pushes up like a glute bridge.

I hate myself for being so irrational and comparingbut other babies his age at the baby group seem a lot closer to standing and crawling and are using their arms more to pull themselves up and will sit for ages quite happily, where DS will always lean himself over if I've sat him up so he can lie down. He is above 90th centile for height and weight so i realise this might have a bearing.

How did others' babies navigate this stage?

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GoBigOrange Wed 21-Feb-18 20:38:55

My son is also above the 90th centile, and although he could sit - and liked to sit - at that age, he couldn't crawl or get himself from lying down to a sitting position by himself until he was 10 months. Didn't pull up or bear weight properly on his legs until 11 months. Then started walking on his first birthday.

I have no idea if it is actually a 'thing' that bigger heavier babies are slower to get mobile, but in my own experience, smaller babies often do seem to get moving earlier than their larger peers.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 21-Feb-18 22:40:31

My now very sporty DS couldn’t pull himself up or crawl at this age. My advice, enjoy it while you can. He’ll be into everything soon enough smile

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