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Is it ok to send my 4 year old to bed early if they throw a tantrum ...

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Handbaglover1234 Tue 20-Feb-18 13:12:30

My 4 year old hates going nursery but loves it when he’s there, he will cry from the night before then cry when he wakes up until he’s at nursery & his reason...... because he can’t watch tv there .

And if he’s asked to do some thing he don’t want too he cries n cries n cries ...... it’s sooooo frustrating but I think time out inhis room may calm him of is it too young any things n tips plz x

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thethoughtfox Tue 20-Feb-18 13:48:28

Everything I have read says: don't do time outs and don't make their room a place of punishment. It should be their safe happy place. You can't punish a child for being upset. I found showing you understand and naming the problem really helps " I can see that you feel sad because you can't watch TV. I understand. That must be hard" Offer a cuddle with open arms. Even when they are raging at you, you will be surprised at how often they want this. If not, tell him you love him, are here with him and and are here when he needs you. At the end of the tears will come acceptance.

Handbaglover1234 Tue 20-Feb-18 20:11:51

Tonight we have started the calm down cushion🙂 & it really worked 👍🏼

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