16 month old having uncontrollable tantrums at night

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minayasi Tue 20-Feb-18 12:22:27

My DD has been a bad sleeper since the beginning. She is still BF and on a good day, she will wake up twice for a feed. I have recently started back at work and DD has started nursery. With nursery came coughs, colds and ear infections and DD also has some teeth coming through.

Recently she has been incredibly upset and throwing tantrums where I cannot control or console her. At night she is waking frequently (hourly or two hourly) and has uncontrollable tantrums every time. She gets so worked up she becomes wide awake. Last night she screamed for 2 hours. The only way to pacify and calm her is to allow her to suckle herself back to sleep, which can sometimes take 45 minutes at a time. If I don’t let her suckle she just screams hysterically. I do not know if this is a reaction to having been quite poorly, starting nursery or general teething discomfort. I feel quite helpless to take any drastic action at this stage because I feel she has undergone such significant changes over the last 6 weeks.

Has anyone gone through this. I worry her tantrums are so severe she will hurt herself, and I feel like she is an unhappy child and I cannot do anything to help her.

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