I can't cope with my child

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Kokokiki Tue 13-Feb-18 17:13:26

Hello everyone,
My son is 27 months, he is not talking yet, he says mama dada, car, cow, and the name of our pet, and he chooses when to say them.... he doesn't ask when he is hungry, he expresses himself by crying, when I feed him, he is so fussy, he doesn't want to eat except if the food is rice or yugurt, or sweet things like cake, he loves his milk, am suffering from his hyperactivity as he destroys anything he finds, like throwing things from the table,destroying curtains, smashing his toys on the wall, hitting my plate on the floor when am eating, screaming all the time, and scratching my face several times a day, I tried naughty corners and telling him off gently but nothing works, am really worried as my friend toldnme he might got ASD as showed many signs like walking on his toes sometimes, playing games like he can't see, (screws his eyes and walks around with his hands out), he rocks back and forth, he spins sometimes and hides things under the sofa like remote control or his toys, he does funny grimaces with his face when exciting or in the light, and obsessed with wheels and cars, he sometimes looks from the corner of his eye, he can't feed himself, there are other things that my GP reassured me that he is fine as he loves playing with other kids and enjoys going out, but am really worried as he is getting worse everyday and only TV keeps him calm, I don't wanna put it for him as it's not good for kids who haven't started talking yet, please i need advices from people who experienced the same.
Cheers smile

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InDubiousBattle Thu 15-Feb-18 21:58:41

Has he had his 2 year review? I would take him to see the hv.

Kokokiki Thu 15-Feb-18 22:42:40

I am waiting for his appointements

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InDubiousBattle Fri 16-Feb-18 08:50:03

I would chase them up. I don't know about your area but in mine the hv teams are really stretched so routine appointments are running way behind schedule but they can see you if you have a cause for concern. Tbh I think he's too little for the naughty step , how else is he disciplined for things like the scratching, destroying etc?

magicroundabouts Fri 16-Feb-18 09:22:03

You could also check if your area has SALT drop in clinics. They were able to refer us onto the early support pathway.

Kokokiki Fri 16-Feb-18 17:35:48

I live in Birmingham, and the referal is taking ages, yeah it should be with an early support, we always tell him off about the scratching and biting but he never listens, he even shows scratching, every 5 minutes a scratch on my face, naughty corners work only for 5 minutes, but he always repeats the same behaviour.

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