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Omega 3

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RJGB Sat 10-Feb-18 08:35:54

Good morning,

My Ds is 7 and very bright, his teacher told me that he can’t sit stil and finds it hard to concentrate. He is doing well in school but he simply can’t sit still! I read a couple of articles that say that omega 3 works wonders in helping children concentrate. Has anyone been given omega 3 to their children and if so can you see a difference in their behaviour/concentration. Thanks

Gloria79 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:04:18

My daughter is 5 and she finds it very hard to concentrate. I am afraid how she would go to school. So I started to give her Eskimo fish oil. Its been a couple month now, so it's hard to say if its better. I want to believe its better. Also, there are some days that we skip it as the taste is not the best for her (not the worse also). So I might need to look for another brand so that she would ask for it herself smile

RJGB Sun 11-Feb-18 07:03:47

Thank you. So many people have recommended it - helpfully it will help smile

cakedup Wed 14-Feb-18 15:02:10

I give omega 3 to DS (12) in the form of algae plant. We are vegetarian but actually the only reason fish is high in omega 3 is because they eat this plant! Much better to go straight to the source. I'm giving it to DS because he is dyslexic and has learning difficulties...not sure if does help really but he doesn't get omega 3 in his diet so happy to supplement him anyway.

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