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11.5 month old not crawling or pulling up?

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GlitterCity Thu 08-Feb-18 17:02:12

Hi, my 11 and half month old isn’t crawling (I know this isn’t technically a milestone) but he’s not pulling to sit or walk either. He can happily roll around the room and sit without support but refuses to sit whilst on floor to play with his toys; he prefers laying on front or back. He does press up with his arms and gets so high but nothing more. He’s been very occasionally getting to on all fours and rocking but this hasn’t really progressed into anything. Is there anything i can do to encourage movement? I’ve bought him a crawling toy but that doesn’t even motivate him. Have I got anything to be concerned about? I’m worried he’ll turn 1 and still not be on the move. It could just be I have one super chilled out little dude.

HandbagFan Thu 08-Feb-18 21:44:58

Yup, sounds very familiar. DS pulled up and cruised at 14m, crawled at 15m and finally stood unaided and walked on the same day at 16m. Now at 23m he walks fine.

I did find a website that had some good ideas from occupational therapists on how to encourage movement, but realistically you’ve nothing yet to worry about and trust me when I say it’s easier before they can move everywhere!

HandbagFan Thu 08-Feb-18 21:48:50

This was the site I found... lots of ideas and resources here...

buckyou Fri 09-Feb-18 11:27:14

My baby is 1 next week but he only started crawling a couple of weeks ago, he’s started doing everything all at once, crawling, pulling up to his feet and cruising. I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure he will start soon!

icantdothis2017 Fri 09-Feb-18 12:16:29

My dd crawled at 12.5 months
Pulled to standing at 13.5 months and shortly started cruising .
She took her first steps at 15.5 months

icantdothis2017 Fri 09-Feb-18 12:17:10

She is two next week and you couldn't pick her out from the kids who walked earlier

wintertravel1980 Fri 09-Feb-18 21:21:43

In the vast majority of cases, late achievement of gross motor milestones is associated with joints hypermobility. There are things parents can do to strengthen babies' joints and build muscle tone.

Of course, babies do develop at different rates however there is a gross motor reference guide compiled by WHO that can be used as a benchmark:

My DD has always had strong upper body and good head and neck control but her hips and legs joints are hypermobile. I didn't think it was a big deal until I read the WHO document. It turned out DD was falling into the bottom 1% in relation to "standing with assistance". She only learnt to do it at 11.5 months which is late by WHO standards.

My DH and I started doing light physio exercises with DD and we saw fast improvement. DD has just turned 13 months and she is much more mobile and is hopefully much closer to walking.

I used several websites for actual exercises. Here are some of the links:

GlitterCity Sat 10-Feb-18 15:11:21

Thanks to everyone whose replied. Can’t wait for DS to be on the move as he’s so heavy to carry around everywhere and it would be much easier if he could follow me around, my back is killing me! Ds will be due his 12 month check soon and I’ll see what they say in regards to hypermobility; thanks for the info wintertravel1980.

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