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4 month leap - will my baby ever return to her happy self?

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Sugarbug17 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:33:41

My 16 week old (18 weeks corrected) is 2/3's of the way through 'Leap 4' with supposedly 11 dats to go... but I am so worried that her happy demeanour will never return!

Ok so I'm handling the sleep regression... what worries me more is how miserable she is in the day... she only used to cry for normal baby reasons but now she just cries all the time! Sometimes full on crying... other times a non stop whinge

She used to smile a lot and love to interact but she seems very distant and only smiles first thing when she wakes up and then they become few and far between

She used to let me potter around the house for a few mins to put laundry away or do a wee (!) as long as she could see me/hear me... but now the moment my back is turned or I'm in part of the room she can't see me she will full on wail!

She used to love meeting people and charm them... now the moment anyone comes to visit or when out and about someone tries to interact or smile at her she screams the place down in horror

Please tell me others have experienced this in leap 4 and they returned to normal once out the other side?

Smellyjo Wed 07-Feb-18 21:50:05

Yes. So much. Every time there was a developmental leap I wondered 'will my lovely baby every come back?' And she always did. I remember that the wonder weeks said that if you are tearing your hair out it's a good sign you're in a leap...hang in there x

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