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Is my 5 year old a 'late bloomer'?

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megmums Mon 05-Feb-18 15:07:44

DS is 5 and a half and is in in year 1 at school (summer born).
He's tended to be towards the far end of 'average' in his development to date, e.g. took his first steps on the DAY he turned 18 months, started using potty consistently the month he turned 3, could speak many single words at 24 months, but didn't form coherent sentences until he was 3.
He barely spoke when at his private nursery and pre school (but he would at home), and on starting state school reception, his teacher was concerned that he wasn't talking and didn't appear to be paying attention. After 6 months she was no longer concerned, as he had started to make friends and demonstrated that he was following what was going on in class.

However on joining year 1, his teachers expressed concern in the first 2 weeks, and SENCO referred him to Ed psych (saying he appeared 'insular', wouldn't play with other children, didn't appear to follow instructions.... - his teacher didn't say Autism, but I got the impression she thought he might be on the spectrum.) He's not a badly behaved child, and i think he went under the radar alot at nursery, as he is easy going...

However Ed psych found him to be attentive and fairly confident (contrary to what his teachers said!). However I suggested that he might need speech therapy, as his language isn't as good as peers which might explain issues with interactions and following instructions. SALT determined he has low average/mild delay expressive and receptive language, so therapy plan in place.

He's started to show an interest in making friends, but approaches this very immaturely - i.e. he will pull funny faces, put on funny voices, when trying to interact with other children. He is very socially immature compared to peers.

The SENCO thinks he's just a 'late bloomer', but i get the impression his teacher thinks it's more than this.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Can anyone offer advice on how i can help him?

Many thanks,

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WineCheeseSleep Tue 06-Feb-18 22:02:06

Bumping for you as I've got a bit of a late bloomer too. In his case I think he's caught up a lot now (he's in reception) and the turning point was when he was 3 and we realised he had poor eyesight and glue ear which was making him a bit cut off.

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