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JaffaJaffaJaffa Wed 31-Jan-18 17:23:35

So my little one (13 weeks 2 days, 3 months old yesterday) had a development leap last week, along with the growth spurt and croup - I know right, wow. Since Monday he's suddenly started only having 20 min naps (max) and only going two hours (max) between when he finishes one feed to screaming for the next - this is also happening at night, so I've been having approx 5hrs very broken sleep with no chance to catch up in the day due to his micronaps. He's also started screaming for 2hrs from 6pm till he passes out at 8pm and wants to be held and only when we're standing - screams more if we sit down or try to put him down. Could this still be leap or growth spurt? Or his recovery from croup? Or the dreaded 4 month sleep regression early? He's so goddam unhappy and I'm so goddam tired....

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InDubiousBattle Wed 31-Jan-18 22:03:04

Is he feeding well? Have you been to the gp since the croup?

JaffaJaffaJaffa Wed 31-Jan-18 22:25:11

He's having full deeds in the say but only five to ten mins on one boob in the night - full feed is 15-20mins on each boob. Not been back to the docs yet.

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