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7 month old very clingy!

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Amyxmarie Wed 31-Jan-18 14:25:59

Hi everyone. I have a 7 month old daughter who won't let me get anything done. For a while now whenever I leave the room she will cry and scream till I appear again. It's got to the point where I've tried having her in the same room as me when cleaning etc but she's started to fuss when I don't pay attention to her. She always wants to sit on my lap or have me cuddle her, my housework has started to lack because of this and I feel so bad when my partner gets back from work because it's a mess sad. Luckily he's very understanding and helps when he can but my in laws drop comments when they come and it upsets me that they don't understand that I try sad. Has this happened to anyone before? How long will this last? Thank you.

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Tilapia Wed 31-Jan-18 14:47:47

Your DD is still tiny, OP. If I were you I’d focus on my DD and worry about the housework when she’s a bit older. Your in laws are very rude to make comments about your house, and I think your partner needs to step in and tell them it’s not on. Or, whenever they say anything like this, try saying cheerfully “you’re right, it is a bit messy, you know what it’s like when you’ve got a baby! Here, you watch her while I tidy up a bit” and hand DD straight over to them.

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