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Strugglingwithlife99 Mon 29-Jan-18 09:11:26

Really upset. Mumfriend from school has blatantly lied and excluded me. We meet for coffee, exchange gifts and have always invited kids to parties. She had been off with me last week, but still gave her son a present. Asked if she was doing anything special. She said no.Then pics on fb showed a party. I told her I was upset about this as shed lied and also I had made my son include hers at his last party (they're not close friends but felt it polite and knew she would be upset if i didnt) Now receiving nasty texts berating me for my son being MADE to invite hers. How can I be friends with her? I'm not the first Mum shes fallen out with. Been made to feel its my fault. Now can't face the clickey school run.

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stugib Sun 04-Feb-18 11:36:35


Why would you want to be friends with someone that has lied to you and made you feel awful? This lady has made you feel as though you've done something wrong when you've only tried to be kind and considerate... I don't think you're losing anything in your life by not having her as a friend. You have already stated that you're not the only mum to be made to feel this way. The 'clickey' school run is just that, a school run, a 20 minute chore in the 24 hours of your day.. other mums will see her for what she is... yes she will have her story, and yes you may feel sorry for some ills in her life but the difference is that you don't push those negatives onto others..
be strong and believe in yourself and other mums will gravitate to you
Good luck smile

Strugglingwithlife99 Sun 04-Feb-18 13:22:25

Thank you so much for your lovely post. As nice cutting contact from her I feel happier in myself! ☺

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laura6032 Tue 06-Feb-18 21:04:09

Ignore her, move on, definitely not worth it. Sounds like she belongs in the school yard herself x

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