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ANother27 Sun 28-Jan-18 13:08:11

Hi all. My DS turned one a couple of weeks ago and had his check a few days later. The HV came, and went through the questionnaire I had previously been sent and filled out. There was a lot he could do, that I marked off but seemed to be a couple in every area he wasn't doing yet.

Now, I've worked in childcare for over 7 years before having a LO of my own, so most of me fully knows all children develop differently, at different stages and will do things when they're ready no problem with that. But some things she said to me kind of made me feel like I wasn't good enough and hadn't been doing enough with DS to encourage him. For background to not drip feed, I am a single parent Work 3 days a week, and my DS comes with me to Nursery I work at 2/3 days and he is with my Mum for the other...

She is coming back in a few weeks to "check he can do the unmarked ones or will have to be referred to a paediatrician to look into why he isn't developing" - her words. Just wanted some experiences/opinions on if I should be a bit worried or not? Thank you!!

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Dontbuymesocks Sun 28-Jan-18 17:57:48

Do you know what he scored in each area, or at least which were in the black or grey areas?

ANother27 Sun 28-Jan-18 19:58:26

Hi yes he only "failed" one area personal social - it's the one about your baby offering/giving you toys, rolling a ball offering their foot for sock/trouser etc but he got sometimes for 2 of them no for 3 of them and yes for 1 so gave him a 20/60 but I explained to her that a lot of the time DS is very much about biting and exploring everything, which she witnessed eg trying to get a small item out of a bottle, he looked at it then just chewed the bottle. Same with a ball, teddy puzzle piece etc... to be fair to him tho e has got 5 back teeth coming thru all at the same time no wonder he's into chewing things!

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ANother27 Sun 28-Jan-18 19:59:54

Forgot to add - she mentioned the above, but my issue was her kinda attitude to the walking, sometimes he will, sometimes he just sits and refuses which I explained and showed her, she kinda gave a "it's not really good enough" impression. I didn't realise it was a thing that babies MUST be almost walking at 12 months

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Dontbuymesocks Sun 28-Jan-18 20:48:33

My DS is just 12 months and he’s nowhere near walking! My HV isn’t concerned at all and just says he’ll get there in his own time. However, I saw a paediatrician about another issue and he asked a LOT of questions about my DS’s walking (e.g. can he pull himself up, can he crawl, does he cruise, can he stand and lean etc) and said that if they aren’t doing most of these things at 12 months they may consider a referral to a physio. I was really surprised by this but luckily he didn’t think this was necessary in my son’s case. Can you speak to a different HV (maybe attend a drop-in HV clinic if you can)?
For what it’s worth, most of the children I know walked at 14 months. My friends’ DS didn’t crawl - ever - and his parents were really worried. At 17 months he pulled himself up and walked like he’d been doing it for years!

ANother27 Sun 28-Jan-18 21:59:57

@Dontbuymesocks haha brilliant!! He pulls himself up, cruises gets around (knee and foot crawling) can squat and stand again etc sometimes walks holding one/both hands sometimes doesn't that's what I was trying to explain to her! Ha I thought he was quite well developed just wondering if I should be worried about what/how she said it

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