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Poo Smearing

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Jillxx Sat 06-Jul-02 22:49:36

Last night my 5yr old daughter decided to smear A LOT of her poo all over the inside tiling of our shower cubicle. It was like the scene from Psycho except not with blood! This is not the first time she has smeared her poo, other times it has been on clothing, walls, floors, toys etc. This was by far her worst. When confronted she told me she did it cos she wanted to!?! We have tried everything from reward charts to taking away privileges but nothing is seeming to work. I feel that at 5yrs of age I shouldn't have to watch her like a hawk. She even SOMEHOW got some on our ceiling in the bathroom - we need help - does anyone have any tips/ideas - we are getting desperate now!

Dixie Thu 14-Nov-02 15:56:06

Please someone help....I have just started to have a similar experience with my 2yr old son....The last 3 nights he has called out to me at various times in the night "Mummy sticky hands" I go into find he has put his hands into his nappy and smeared the contents all over various places....his wardrobe, the floor, the bedroom door, his toys and himself..etc etc. I really am a loss what to do...I'm getting quite distressed now. I've told him off in the firmest way I can (i don't actually smack him because i so want to raise him without that kind of dicipline but last night I really came close!!!) I have found the best way to deal with him in the past on other problems is to just tell him once that it is naughty and then to not speak to him for a while..he soon realises that he is getting no attention and the problems passes..but this time its not working...I was in tears last night after cleaning it off everywhere at 3am!! I feel so alone in this problem...its when things like this occur that I find my current situation so hard to deal with, but i just don't know anyone else that has ever experienced there something badly wrong with him....never known of it before.....

Marina Thu 14-Nov-02 16:24:50

Oh, Dixie, I'm so sorry to hear you've got this to deal with on top of everything else. I think it might be worth talking to your HV about this, because it is possible that he is poo smearing as a reaction to the difficult time you've all been having recently. Or he could just be doing the exploration of different smells, textures etc toddler thing...
How are you doing generally?

Bozza Thu 14-Nov-02 16:42:20

Dixie not much use really but would it help to make access more difficult eg put him a sleeping bag, sleepsuit,body suit - even dungarees.... It sounds awful for you though - I do sympathise.

tigermoth Thu 14-Nov-02 22:02:43

dixie, poor you - I think limiting access to his nappy is a good idea, and also agree with Marina that it might be typical toddler experimentation. Both of my sons went through a phase of taking off their nappies in bed, just because they could. It sounds like your son is just going one step further, nothing more. One of my sons used to wee the bed sometimes just after he took his nappy off, just to see what happened.

My sons as toddlers had bowel movements at roughly the same time each day for a while, then the bowel movement would change to another time of day and then that pattern would continue for the next few weeks etc. So I wonder if this phase of night time bowel movements will end soon of its own accord?

I do agree it would be a good idea to speak to your HV, but please don't feel your are alone with this problem. FWIW it really does sound like toddler experimentation to me.

bloss Fri 15-Nov-02 00:33:29

Message withdrawn

Marina Sat 16-Nov-02 20:13:09

Dixie, I hope you wouldn't think I was implying that his messy escapades are your fault in any way.
When I posted I was in a rush and did not express myself terribly well. After we went through some stressful times as a family this autumn our ds1 developed appalling constipation (no poo for 20 days but a lot of leakage and discomfort on his part, and a lot of mess). We were in such a state that we didn't think to link it to our bereavement and tried to get it sorted as a medical issue with one GP, whose advice and prescriptions didn't work. Then I thought to ask the HV, who suggested a different GP, and also discussed with us how sometimes small people express themselves with their bowels because they can't articulate how they are feeling. Knowing this helped me deal with him better and the constipation has improved a lot.
But withholding and soiling are different to smearing (both messy and distressing to deal with though!), so I should have remembered that before posting so ineptly. Really good to see on a different thread that things are looking up for you.

Dixie Tue 19-Nov-02 15:07:18

HI all, just thought i'd update far 3 nights without a problem....but think its more to do with me spotting him going for the area on various trips up the stairs...Marina & all..i did not take anyones replies in the manner you worried about..i took them all as reassuring support as always with my fellow mumsnetters!

I am so looking forward to meeting you all at the xmas meet up...i've got some serious thank you hugs to give out!!(if identies are revealed anyhow)

scorpio Thu 13-Mar-03 21:22:51

Dear all
I have had this with my son, and he gets it out of his nappy, hasn't done it recently, but when he was in a cot he smeared it everywhere, I went mad. I don't know why he does it. He's 3 now and i manage to catch him before he smears it. My daughter never done it so it quite shocking. Any ideas??

colette Thu 09-Jun-05 13:46:02

I am having a similar problem to Scorpio with ds 23mnths. I think he is fascinated by it .
His other new charming habit is throwing his drink around to see what happens? Really a pain when you are just about to go out and you spot that he didn't drink his milk after all , he just splattered it all over the sofa!
Any suggestions like scorpio my dd didn't do this either. Boys grrrrrrrrr

colette Thu 09-Jun-05 16:58:28


colette Thu 09-Jun-05 20:30:59

Any evening comments, now tea is finished..

piximon Wed 13-Jul-05 19:14:52

I'm suffering the same experiences with my 2.5 year old son.
Today I walked in to his bedroom to find he had decided to redecorate the walls carpet and his toys brown. He keeps his nappy and clothes on which means they get covered too.
I've never known anyone else with a child who has done this and have no idea where to start on dealing with it.
I try watching him, but with another little one as well to watch my eyes can't be everywhere.
HV advice is to explain that it is dirty and will make him sick but I've tried that for the past week and it's not improving the situation.

bran Wed 13-Jul-05 19:34:50

Jillxx, your dd is probably old enough now to be helping you clean it up. It will probably take longer than if you did it on your own, but it's what people recommend on an adoption message board that I go on (it's fairly common for children with attachment problems to poo smear). They recommend that you work with the child and talk while you're doing it, and give her small areas to clean and make sure it's spotless before moving on to the next area, help her to do it but don't take over and do it all yourself.

Tortington Wed 13-Jul-05 20:31:46

i agree with bran - they should clean it up even at that young age.

KiwiKate Thu 14-Jul-05 02:35:30

Yip, get them to help clean it up (without making too much of a big deal about it). Explain that if they do it again, they'll need to clean it up again. They'll know you mean it, and hopefully get over it when they realise the hassel of having to clean up.

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