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Anon120055509 Sat 27-Jan-18 06:13:11

my 10 month old goes to bed at 7 and is asleep by 7:30.
He is lately waking at 11pm, 4am and 5:45am.
And by 6am he is wide awake so I have to take him downstairs.
He is then sleepy by 8-8:30am and wants another nap.
Then nap at 11-11:30am. And again at 3pm.
With each nap he will only be asleep for 45mins to an hour.
I’ve tried everything, cutting a nap out, trying to make him nap a little longer, giving him water of a night (which was an absolute nightmare) getting him to sleep of a night earlier, later. Bath before bed routine, no bath before bed, story.
Everything 😓 he is teething so I tend to give him either calpol, ibruprofen, teething powder or gel depending how bad he is before bed which again never makes a difference really.
Does anyone have any suggestions I’m a walking zombie lately as I’m working nights also! Help help help! It’d be much appreciated. Thank you!

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earlylifecrisis Sat 27-Jan-18 18:59:17

It's a difficult one because early rising (6ish) is very normal in babies and young children.
But, 3 naps is more than most 10 month olds need and if you can get rid of that very early one then he might go a bit longer in the morning.

So, do whatever you have to do to keep him awake until 9, then push to 9.30. Try a second breakfast, noisy toys, go outside - whatever! Aim for 45 mins between 9.30-10.15 then if he will, 90 mins from 1.30-3 or thereabouts. Then 6.30-7 for bed to avoid overtiredness.

Anon120055509 Sun 28-Jan-18 12:25:33

I thought 3 naps was abit too much however my LO only sleeps for about 40-50 minutes each nap! Apart from bedtimes he will go 7-7:30pm until 12am and wake but then go from 12am - 6am

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