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If you have 3 or more DC ......

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StrongerSingle Fri 26-Jan-18 13:29:50

Do you have one that is completely different to the others?

I don't mean in looks, but just in their personality, the way they interact with their siblings and other people?

Maybe it's a middle child thing, but I have 3 DC (DS18, DD16, DD13). The eldest and youngest are lovely, kind, thoughful and appreciate things done for them.

My middle DD is slowly driving me to distraction. She keeps skipping school so we have meetings at the school. She agrees to attend but then will skip school the next day. She lies about all sorts of things. She was recently in a meeting with a teacher, and she told them she never sees me!! I work P/T, finish at 3pm and, apart from shopping/dog walking etc, I am home. Why would she tell them she never sees me??

Last night she told me she was going to see a friend. She left the house at 7pm (I didn't ask for her friends' address as I thought she wouldn't be long). She came home at 4:45am this morning. I had been driving around looking for her. She wouldn't answer her phone or texts. I am bloody knackered at work today sad

I am not a shouty/screamy parent. I would rather have a quiet word when they do something unacceptable, but that tack is obviously not working with DD2.

Other relevant info ... me and their Dad divorced a few years ago. Up until 18 months ago he lived locally but now lives abroad so they don't see him very often. He is useless at parenting anyway so it is no loss as far as I'm concerned but the DC do miss him.

Any advice gratefully received smile

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jaimelannistersgoldenhand Fri 26-Jan-18 14:30:21

Yes but it's my older one who I find very difficult to parent while my younger two are a doddle. (Mine are 16,14,11- boy, girl, boy) I'm a single parent and my oldest is completely NC with his Dad while the other 2 see him every other week.

Currently he's at danger of failing y12. He is smart enough to pass y12 and y13 but he refuses to work and has a terrible attitude at school which he blames on me and his teachers rather than his own laziness.

StrongerSingle Fri 26-Jan-18 14:59:37

Thanks Jaime, so your DS is same age.
It isn't easy, is it??

Maybe I just have to accept that she is different and find ways to cope. I do worry as she gets more independant, she will just go off the rails ... or she could go the other way and become happier with more independence smile

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