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2 1/2 year old speech getting worse.

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Talktonight Wed 24-Jan-18 07:43:39

Hi all.
First time post so apologies if I don’t use the correct phrases.

We have a gorgeous boy who’s 2 and a half. It was flagged up by his nursery that his speech was a little behind about a 9-10 months ago. We were slightly worried about this ourselves so were even more concerned when nursery flagged it up. My husband and I both work full time, so my mother in law is our full time childminder.

Anyway my husband had a three month work sabbatical at the end of last year and our sons speech improved almost overnight as he was spending every day with his Daddy and in the three months they spent together our sons speech/vocabaluy improved immensely, to the point that the nursery commented on it.

Now to the problem - my husband has been back to work for two weeks now and our sons speech has gone backwards and he’s reverted back to talking a lot of gibberish.

We are very cautious not to blame my MIL but can’t see any other explanation.
We try to talk to our son like a little adult, whereas on a few occasions we’ve had to pull my MIL for talking to our son in a very baby/gibberish fashion.

Could our son really have taken huge steps backwards in just two weeks?

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chocolateiamydrug Thu 25-Jan-18 06:03:12

why do you let Mil look after him if you think her involvement is so detrimental to his development?

coffeemachine Thu 25-Jan-18 06:34:10

might be worth seeing the GP. Any regression should be seen.

I doubt it is down to mil. presumably, you and Dh also spend plenty of time with your DS (mornings, evenings, weekend) as well???

if you have such concerns about your mil's ability to care for your DS, why don't you arrange different childcare?

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