3 month old who gets herself hysterically upset

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123456kent Mon 22-Jan-18 21:57:37

My 3 month old DD is happy some of the time, but very quickly gets herself into an absolute inconsolable state, and it’s so horrible to see. I can’t pinpoint the cause, it has various triggers - the carseat, overtiredness, hunger, trying to feed her when she doesnt want it, today it was simply my mum lightly washing her face (she had recently woke from a nap, slept well at night, and was fed so it wasnt either of those). She will start crying and quickly becomes rigid, not breathing she is crying so much and almost choking. I’ve had to jump out of the car and run round to her a few times. Once she stops the inconsolable crying she then takes a while to recover, still gasping almost like she is traumatised. There’s tears on her face and her eyes are red. I hold onto her for dear life during these meltdowns, rock her, talk to her, sing, distract her, try and feed her, dummy, wrap her in blanket, nothing works. If she’s with someone else and they pass her to me it does calm her down a lot, but she’s still quivering. It’s really upsetting me as I’m worried about the psychological damage it’s doing to her. I left her for 30 mins last week with my parents and returned to a wreck. I’ve considered she may be teething and so have been giving her some calpol, but this has been going on for around 6 weeks. It happens maybe 3-4 times a week. There isn’t a set time of day it happens. I’m getting the ‘all babies cry’ response from people when I say this is upsetting and worrying, but is this normal? I just want her to be happy and feel safe and content. Feeling really anxious tonight about it!

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