Arching back

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Mogginthemog Fri 02-Feb-18 22:14:01

Def catch some on video
If you can. It really helped the doctors. The paed neurologist DGD saw said if she had seen the videos she would have known
They weren’t seizures but the a&e docs didn’t or weren’t able to show her the videos. Some of the attacks went on for a few mins and DGD would clench her fists and throw her arms and legs out straight ahead and either cry or stare and do the weird shivery thing. Most happened in the high chair so they were easy to film. It figures that they mainly (though not always) centres around meal or bottle time. She just gradually stopped around 14 months I think. Def follow it up as it will be helpful to have a diagnosis and if it is caused by reflux some meds to help. And also is reassuring to know it’s nothing to worry about. Good luck

SophieLouise93 Fri 02-Feb-18 20:47:23

Thankyou for your reply that was really helpful! Defo gonna start taking videos when I can and go to the gp

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Mogginthemog Fri 02-Feb-18 17:24:59

My DGD started doing the arms out in front, staring and sort of shivering. She also had silent reflux that caused back arching and pulling away from her bottle and screaming. She started the arching at about
8 weeks and the weird shivery thing at about 8 months. We were worried she was having some sort of seizures. In the end after she had done it over and over DD&DSIL took her to a&e and they observed her. They did ekg/ecg? To check for seizures but she was fine. It was diagnosed as shuddering attacks caused by the discomfort of reflux. It stopped when she was about 14 months I think. If you look up baby shuddering attacks on u tube you can see videos of babies doing it and see if they look similar. Also I would try catch the arching and shivering on video
To show to GP. DGD took medication for the reflux as well as a milk thickener and a high cal formula as her lack of milk intake was slowing her growth.

SophieLouise93 Thu 18-Jan-18 17:59:32

She’s not constipated at the minute, she has also started bringing her arms out in front of her and almost shivering even when she’s warm

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Dontbuymesocks Thu 18-Jan-18 09:47:20

Is your LO constipated? My son does this and with him it’s a sign of constipation or trapped wind.

GrumpetLikesCrumpets Thu 18-Jan-18 08:53:44

My 8mo old has been doing it too. I assume that he is just flexing his back and getting it strong ready to crawl. I'm not worried about it.

SophieLouise93 Wed 17-Jan-18 22:32:38

Hi all, my 7 month old arched her back quite a bit,, she will be sat relaxing in her bouncer then she’ll just start arching her back numerous times lasting about 30 seconds- 1 minute, she will be lying in her cot and she will start arching her back numerous times and also when I’m feeding her, it’s not just once she’ll do it but she’ll do it about 10+ times. She has been doing this for about a month now, she has also started swinging her arms up and down really fast for about a minute

Any ideas on what this could be????

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