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Hazey19 Wed 17-Jan-18 21:23:39

My DS is in reception and throughout nursery and the first term had a very close friendship with another child however since October this child has been saying mean things to my DS, not letting him play with him and also telling all the other kids not to play with him. He has come home tonight saying this child whispered in his ear he hated him today and he has no friends as this child won't let anyone play with him. This child will make games up where my DS is the baddy and everyone shoots him or choose everyone to play football and not allow anyone to play on DS team. All the other kids appear to have sided with this child despite my DS playing with them ok prior to October. we have lots of play dates with this child and others and out of school and
there are no issues. I've spoken to the teacher already but nothing appears to have changed and it's actually got worse. Do you think I'm worrying over nothing or do you think this is bullying at such a young age and if so any advice what I can do given we already do the play dates thing with no problem. Do you think they will all grow out of it or should I try and nip it in the bud now? And how?

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