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Baby always hungry

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smtoresse Sat 13-Jan-18 22:11:57

My 2 week old is exclusively breastfeeding , but she always seems to be hungry , sometimes every hour! Is this normal

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 14-Jan-18 10:33:43

At 2 weeks it could well be a growth spurt. Is she always like this or is she feeding more over the last few days?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 14-Jan-18 12:25:54

@smtoresse also wondered if you’d read Feeding your Newborn on Kellymom.

If you feel you would like a bit more reassurance, I’d give one of the Bfing Helplines a call. Have you got the numbers?

Is there a Bfing Support Group you can get to this week as well?

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