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Was this aggression? Hitting

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natnat84 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:59:02

Was at soft play with my son who’s 8 months and super confident and well socialised because he does a couple days at a really good nursery. Anyway, he was standing by the sensory games using one hand to balance himself as he is a little way off walking and standing without holding or steadying himself . Another little boy who looked to be a little over 1 brushed past him knocking my sons hand away causing him to wobble and tumble/sit down quickly. It wasn’t dramatic and ds didn’t cry although looked a bit shocked. A few moments later ds crawled over to the boy , pulled himself to standing on some steps and full on whacked the boy in the face ( making him cry) . Obviously I picked ds up, apologised and moved him to a different area where he made eyes at and played nicely with two little girls that looked about his age for the rest of the session. I can’t get it out of my head that this was a moment of nastiness though and I wouldn’t want to see it in my boy. I run a no shouting, no meanness, no aggression home (dh and I argue via text when we need to so our kids have never even heard us argue) because I grew up in a very abusive home so I don’t want my kids to ever feel scared and even more so would never want them to be aggressive or mean. Could be overthinking?

Goldmandra Sat 13-Jan-18 21:59:39

At 8 months old he would have no idea that this would cause the other child distress, never mind have the ability to plan and implement a revenge attack.

Babies this age hit things as a form of experimentation. He was just bashing an object in front of him, possibly to see if it made a noise - which it did.

It was coincidence. Don't give it another thought.

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