Terrible twos tantrums

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MollyFreya Sat 13-Jan-18 08:55:01


I’m feeling very desperate but a little better reading this post.

My little boy is 3 in March and the terrible twos have only just hit. Me and his dad are co parenting and both have other relationships now.

We’ve been split for 1 and a half years so this isn’t why my son is acting up.

My little lad is learning at an age nearly two years above his actual age so he’s very forward and clever.

Since a few weeks before Christmas my little lad has started tantrums but was stopped and prevented via the naughty step, but these last three weeks have pushed me to my limits.

He throws himself on the floor, won’t look at me when I’m trying to explain why he’s upset me or what he’s done wrong, punches me, screams he doesn’t love/like/want me wants his other mummy which is his dads girlfriend they don’t allow him to call her mummy so he’s saying it too upset me, he told me today he wants to live with his dad not mummy because he doesn’t love me anymore, he would rather go on the naughty step than apologise.

I’ve tried ignoring him, shouting, smacking his bum, naughty chair/step, sending him to bed and taking toys off him but nothing it working at the moment.

He’s good as gold for everyone but me and his dad. He’s an angel at nursery and for my mum but the devil reincarnated for me!

He’s had me in absolute tears today I really don’t know what to do.

Help. !

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